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O6 #5 A.K.A. Kids & Trees


Discovered by KnightHawk
Created Jan 28 2018
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oshawa, Ontario
Location # 15140
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This is #5 of [b]The Oshawa 6.[/b] A rather ordinary house, although the kids who lived here seemed to enjoy their basement playroom, judging by the mural left on the wall. One has to wonder why they created it so close to where the washer & dryer were. Note the close proximity of the 240V plug to the mural.

The previous residents left a yummy looking jar of carrots? (I think) on the kitchen counter, along with a few other food items. The applique trees on the cupboards are a nice touch. Interestingly, there was no flooding in the basement, unlike some of the other houses in the group.

There's lots of broken glass inside & out, so be careful in this one. There are a few nice peelies too. It looks like the kids weren't able to take their ride-on toys or clubhouse with them, & I particularly like the perspective of the bike half buried in the snow. Kind of sad, really.

Like others we explored, this house has easy access, but watch out for nosy neighbours behind.

Latlng: (43.940906, -78.850422)


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