House of Peelies

Discovered by aeb00
Created Feb 09 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 17167

This house was a random find in the winter. We were driving through some older Toronto subdivisions to see if we could spot anything worth exploring. This house was not plowed and had a green piece of paper on the front door that indicated it was awaiting demolition.

I peeked in the door to see it was empty inside and there were paint peels all over. There wasn't much left inside in the way of furniture of personal belongings. This house was jammed tight in between two other houses, but it was much bigger inside than it appeared. It was quite colourful and unique and it definitely showed it's age with the different details throughout.

I was in driving by this area in the past few months and saw that the house has since been demolished unfortunately. I'm glad I at least got the chance to capture it's charm before it was gone!

Latlng: (43.6797806, -79.4036542)


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