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OAP User levels

If you intend to become a member of this community, user level is something you must know about.

What are user levels?

Each account has a level assigned. These levels vary from 1 through 4. Guest users and brand new accounts have a level 1. User levels are used to determine access to locations. All locations in the database have a required level to have access. Level 1 locations are publicly accessible but any level above is only available for members who has been promoted to respective levels.

Why user level?

Publicly available locations tend to draw attentions of vandals and arsonists. To preserve these locations, only members with reputation in the community will gain access to these locations.

What is my current user level?

Your current level as Guest User is Level 1

How location levels are determined

Location levels are not random. There are guidelines on how levels are assigned to locations. Viz.

Level 1 Historic places, demolished places, cemeteries, low risk ruins.
Level 2 Well known locations, heavy vandalism, relatively low risk to visitors.
Level 3 Some decay, more interesting locations. moderate risk to visitors.
Level 4 Fully intact locations. Sensitive locations.

User level requirements

Users who are looking to get promoted may take these following criteria as minimal requirements only. The admin team is continually working to amend the criteria to eventually consolidate to a more mature one.

Level 1 Guest and brand new accounts default to level 1.
Level 2 Contribute meaningful (quality) content to 10+ locations.
Submit 1 new location.
Must not have record of vandalizing
3 months of activity as Level 1
Level 3 Contribute meaningful (quality) content to 30+ locations.
Submit at least 10 new level 2 or higher locations.
Submit quality write ups with history or details and risks when possible.
Must not have record of offense and abuse of irresponsibly sharing locations
6 months of activity as Level 2
Subject to further qualifications
Level 4 Provide a full write-up on why you should be promoted.
Contribute meaningful (quality) content to 100+ locations.
Having a trusted member explore with you and vouch for you.
Should have some great quality finds and not only albums.
12 months of activity as Level 3
Subject to further qualifications

How to request promotions

To get considered for level promotion, you must at least fulfil the criteria stated a section above. When you are ready, fill the form below to make your case. The board of moderators will have one week to approve or deny the request. If denied, the mods will provide feedback on areas of improvement.