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vitalfilms Active shops all around - you will be seen during the day.
view post •  2012-03-18 19:00:26
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vitalfilms My recent visit here was ended after being there only for about 15 minutes after the "Commisinaires" Security guard had stopped our exploration. He had told us that he was the guard for all the Federal lands from Hwy48 out to Oshawa somewhere, from roughly Bloomington rd down to the 401. Yikes! he wasn't too pleased with our presence at this house.
view post •  2012-01-30 12:18:03
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vitalfilms "doom": Yeah the "Closed" sign was like screaming at me - Please come in! lol "Adriana": Thanks - my fav too!
view post •  2012-01-26 19:21:46
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vitalfilms Aaaaahh I remember this place! - My forehead will always remind me :)
view post •  2012-01-05 03:32:32
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vitalfilms Agree with "magle" Nice set nonetheless!
view post •  2012-01-03 02:19:27
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