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Jacobite49 I saw this poor guy (or gal) on my way in. I thought it was alive. This one I took on my way out.
view post •  2014-11-18 15:51:32
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Jacobite49 And I thought my kitchen looked bad...
view post •  2014-11-18 15:49:58
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Jacobite49 Back entrance to the basement apartment - nicely boarded up.
view post •  2014-11-18 15:49:25
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Jacobite49 An 'over-your-shoulder-double-boulder-holder'. There were about a dozen of these lying around.
view post •  2014-11-18 15:48:41
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Jacobite49 This was a bedroom.
view post •  2014-11-18 15:46:19
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Jacobite49 The house and the garage have both been moved a few hundred towards the back of the property. New windows have been installed on the house and all of the land has been cleared. Once they get the bricks back on (which they stacked according to which wall they were on) it's going to be an amazing transformation for this old favorite. Mary Whicher, the last of the family to live there would be proud
view post •  2014-11-18 16:05:37
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Jacobite49 On my second trip I found only one POE and that led to a basement apartment that seems to have been hastily evacuated (probably an eviction by the City Sheriff). No POE to main/upper floors. Note for sensitive viewers: there is a photo in this new set of a dead cat. It is right near the POE and at first I thought it was alive and sleeping.
view post •  2014-11-18 15:42:53
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Jacobite49 I saw the mobile trailers off to the right side but wasn't sure if someone was in them or not. If anyone was in them, they were probably laughing at me tripping around in the deep snow. And to think I just had to veer to the right and could'a got me an ice cream...
view post •  2014-03-20 04:45:55
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Jacobite49 I'm not sure about a murder, but the location is about level with the ground by now: demo is probably complete.
view post •  2013-10-07 18:42:25
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Jacobite49 @ phrenzee: wish I could have seen the remains of the old house. But thanks to you and Monika I was able to see what was left. These photos were taken Apr. 1/13 and I'm sure that by now the place has been demo'd.
view post •  2013-10-02 21:43:41
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