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diesel79 hey snowboardcanada, I only saw 1 of the hunting cabins... wanted to go back and explore it hopefully this summer!
view post •  2012-06-06 00:03:08
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diesel79 Wow, absolutely amazing... thanks for putting this up!
view post •  2011-11-02 08:42:12
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diesel79 A couple of my buddies dove the mine on Sept 17, 2011. They got to about 100 feet and then there was a white which ended up being a layer of hydrogen sulfide! So no going any deeper! Enjoy some pics!
view post •  2011-10-29 13:44:11
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diesel79 I've looked for this place last year, but without having much info, couldn't find it... THANK YOU so much for posting it!!!
view post •  2011-10-18 21:34:16
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diesel79 That is a very cool find, even if I don't ever remember going to a cool looking camp like that when I was in Scouts! Thanks for the entry & pics!
view post •  2010-09-17 22:02:34
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