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Photo Comments

Same the first time I was here. Went back on a saturday morning and I didn't have any troubles

view post •  Aug 09 2014

Also, almost tripped on the shortest laces known to mankind :P

view post •  Aug 06 2014

Branded! Best shoes ever!

view post •  Aug 06 2014

LOVE this shot!

view post •  Jul 22 2014

Oh my f-ing gawd! Must of been out of Sear's catalogues, eh!!!

view post •  Mar 12 2014

Location Comments

This place is awesome! My favorite part was the roof! I'll have to get my pictures up soon

view post •  Jun 24 2014

Hey all...there's a community meeting/seminar all about the history of the Don Jail coming up Tuesday March 25th. If any one is interested in going,...

view post •  Mar 21 2014

Thanks guys! Sharing is caring! :D

view post •  Mar 10 2014

Yeah sorta what I thought! Lol @ Darko!

view post •  Mar 10 2014

Awesome pics Darko! Looks like you made it through the whole building. I was a little nervous being in there all by myself, but I think I'm gonna go...

view post •  Mar 10 2014