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Miche LOVE this shot!
view post •  2014-07-22 22:24:42
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Miche Oh my f-ing gawd! Must of been out of Sear's catalogues, eh!!!
view post •  2014-03-12 10:38:32
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Miche Creepy peep holes in the shower! Why?!?! No soap on a rope though
view post •  2014-03-09 15:09:02
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Miche Wicked!!!!
view post •  2014-03-08 18:33:28
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Miche Ha, not what I'd expect to see! Good times!!!!
view post •  2014-03-03 23:11:31
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Miche This place is awesome! My favorite part was the roof! I'll have to get my pictures up soon
view post •  2014-06-24 18:53:48
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Miche Hey all...there's a community meeting/seminar all about the history of the Don Jail coming up Tuesday March 25th. If any one is interested in going, PM me. I'll be there...they have free refreshments, lol!
view post •  2014-03-21 11:29:38
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Miche Thanks guys! Sharing is caring! :D
view post •  2014-03-10 19:50:24
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Miche Yeah sorta what I thought! Lol @ Darko!
view post •  2014-03-10 02:05:05
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Miche Awesome pics Darko! Looks like you made it through the whole building. I was a little nervous being in there all by myself, but I think I'm gonna go for a return visit with a partner in crime!
view post •  2014-03-10 00:32:06
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