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Ottawaguy Love this pic!
view post •  2015-07-14 14:32:46
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Ottawaguy This is so strange to see. I've heard that the island is covered in snakes too. I'd definitely feel uneasy here.
view post •  2015-07-03 10:40:14
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Ottawaguy Amazing pic!
view post •  2015-07-03 10:33:08

Location Comments

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Ottawaguy It's really sad to see the vandalism that took place here. I remember going to the Sundial for special occasion brunches when I was a kid. Crazy to see what became of it.
view post •  2015-07-06 16:25:47
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Ottawaguy Awesome! Thanks for the advice, OAP.
view post •  2015-05-29 09:27:59
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Ottawaguy Planning on checking this out over the summer. Is it possible to do this in a half day from Sudbury or is it something that really requires an overnight camping trip? Thanks for your advice!
view post •  2015-05-25 15:06:19