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DIIV @maple - It was written by William Herbert Weins. He was named the Estate Trustee of Fern under her February 15 / 2000 will.
view post •  2013-11-10 21:10:13
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DIIV Hahaha! Oh my!
view post •  2013-10-31 11:11:54
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DIIV No, he's actually a character from a 90s kid show! All the main characters are babies :p I think he's based on Godzilla and a T-Rex.
view post •  2013-10-31 10:42:40
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DIIV Nice composition!
view post •  2013-10-30 11:46:43
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DIIV Beautiful!
view post •  2013-10-30 11:46:26
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DIIV I haven't seen any wheelchairs any of the 3 times I've gone.
view post •  2013-11-10 20:42:20
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DIIV My girlfriend lives a few streets from this house. I thought it looked abandoned! Nice.
view post •  2013-11-02 12:25:07
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DIIV Crazy how different this place looks from the first gallery to the last.
view post •  2013-10-30 12:40:54
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DIIV Tried finding it on the site but didn't, so added it up.
view post •  2013-10-26 10:58:27
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DIIV That's crazy! Definitely didn't think there were that many. Gotta get to this place even more now.
view post •  2013-10-25 13:53:36
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