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@maple - It was written by William Herbert Weins. He was named the Estate Trustee of Fern under her February 15 / 2000 will.

view post •  Nov 10 2013

Sort of looks like a giant mosquito beside the barrel. Ah!

view post •  Oct 21 2013

One of the many cow-themed items in this house. Moo!

view post •  Oct 01 2013


view post •  Oct 01 2013

Great gallery

view post •  Sep 30 2013

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I haven't seen any wheelchairs any of the 3 times I've gone.

view post •  Nov 10 2013

Crazy how different this place looks from the first gallery to the last.

view post •  Oct 30 2013

That's crazy! Definitely didn't think there were that many. Gotta get to this place even more now.

view post •  Oct 25 2013

Security was parked right out front of the building at 3am on a Thursday.

view post •  Oct 24 2013

Ah! Also forgot to mention the irate woman we ran into. Beware of the lady in the shop right across the street! She's watching the place.

view post •  Oct 24 2013