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MissSarak there's still toilet paper!
view post •  2013-08-02 14:08:51
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MissSarak i love the wall paper!
view post •  2013-05-27 11:42:01
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MissSarak This place has been abandoned for over 20 years, previous owner was a local man by the name of John O'Neil. Business began to slow and fail, thus forcing him to sell the place and get out of business. He later became a foods teacher at a local High School and has since retired.
view post •  2013-10-08 12:47:20
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MissSarak we couldn't find this, am i oblivious?
view post •  2013-10-04 19:19:47
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MissSarak It can be deleted if you see fit :) I have been there several times myself and have never ran into anybody yet, thought it was a neat location. I know the city plans for demolition eventually, so I wanted to throw it up before hand.
view post •  2013-09-21 13:40:12
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MissSarak they have recently installed surveillance throughout the cemetery along with warning signs!
view post •  2013-08-20 12:49:47
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MissSarak we visited here a few days ago and it really is in the middle of nowhere! it's nice property and so quiet! upon entering the house, we heard somebody upstairs and immediately left. it wasn't an animal, human footsteps moving around but not a car in sight for miles.
view post •  2013-05-27 11:45:01
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