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MissSarak there's still toilet paper!
view post •  2013-08-02 14:08:51
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MissSarak i love the wall paper!
view post •  2013-05-27 11:42:01
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MissSarak This duplex has been since purchased and flipped into a beautiful modern duplex!
view post •  2020-04-01 10:52:50
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MissSarak This place has been abandoned for over 20 years, previous owner was a local man by the name of John O'Neil. Business began to slow and fail, thus forcing him to sell the place and get out of business. He later became a foods teacher at a local High School and has since retired.
view post •  2013-10-08 12:47:20
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MissSarak we couldn't find this, am i oblivious?
view post •  2013-10-04 19:19:47
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MissSarak It can be deleted if you see fit :) I have been there several times myself and have never ran into anybody yet, thought it was a neat location. I know the city plans for demolition eventually, so I wanted to throw it up before hand.
view post •  2013-09-21 13:40:12
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MissSarak they have recently installed surveillance throughout the cemetery along with warning signs!
view post •  2013-08-20 12:49:47
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