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PNKRanger Thanks GS!
view post •  2014-04-20 06:10:51
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PNKRanger This was the only reason I really even uploaded photos. Was shocked when I noticed no one had posted one yet!
view post •  2014-03-12 14:59:54
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PNKRanger Cleaner then some motels that are still open! Real ugly colour though...
view post •  2014-03-04 09:28:13
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PNKRanger But there's no feeling like the frustration of having to rewind something you want to watch right away!
view post •  2013-10-15 15:07:04
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PNKRanger It is almost the same as vandalizing a gravestone. These are peoples memories. Their life.
view post •  2013-10-15 15:04:35
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PNKRanger Same thing happened to me just last week. Never even made it in because security showed up 2 minutes after I got there. Nice guy though. Sad to hear the inside doesn't do justice.
view post •  2014-04-27 00:43:32
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PNKRanger Found this kinda neat old photocopy from 1982 paper. Wonder what kind of stuff Fern was selling back then. (look in Garage Sale Section)
view post •  2013-10-15 16:22:04
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PNKRanger I can't read all the location comments, but I'm guessing an issue with location leaking is occurring. Just wanted to add in a thought. Growing up in the Halton Region and my Father working for the Board, they pretty much only hire students to maintain properties. This makes me wonder if maybe in discussion with peers they disclose it without even realizing which leads to vandals making their way
view post •  2013-10-15 13:54:34
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PNKRanger Thanks Rid! I'm glad it worked out as well as I was hoping; almost a mirror reflection. Too bad some of those puddles give off a really dirty smell or I would have gotten more into it haha.
view post •  2013-10-15 12:23:15
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PNKRanger @HudsonTL now that you say that I could completely see that being a home daycare centre. I've worked in a few through college and the layout is ideal for openess and with the way some of the rooms are painted as well. You can tell the property ended up being a mini dumping ground for some of the demo of the old house you had visited next door.
view post •  2013-09-02 19:16:03
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