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Zenit-User They appear to be engine parts, valves possibly. Either that or a valve-based control board.
view post •  2017-11-08 19:35:20
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Zenit-User Arsonists can't melt steel beams. But honestly I love how they straight up failed.
view post •  2017-02-03 00:48:05
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Zenit-User I actually went in there earlier in the year and it wasn't flooded, weirdly enough.
view post •  2015-12-16 15:48:54
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Zenit-User Whoever's doing this may actually be a scrapper. Someone tried to crowbar off the headlight mount of that brown ford galaxie.
view post •  2013-10-27 14:04:07
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Zenit-User Actually, most of these vehicles are being removed at an alarming rate. Now the guy's bringing out everything from the outfields. The classic mercury is gone, which is a real shame
view post •  2013-10-27 14:03:36
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Zenit-User Here's some fun facts for those that don't know: 1. Camera's don't work 2. Guard is always off on saturdays.
view post •  2017-11-14 12:43:49
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Zenit-User I have entered three of the four houses. This one was the worst, the one down the road from it and over the street (diagonally across) was filled with black mold along the basement walls. The other down the street is in more decent condition, i remember people living there for a while.
view post •  2017-11-09 16:29:09
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Zenit-User Google maps shows the location listed as "Rick Place Auto Centre" which means this likely will not be abandoned for very much longer, it may even be open already.
view post •  2017-01-31 23:30:35
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Zenit-User Been here quite a few times. Two of the four houses can be entered. Southwest house is occupied by what appear to be your typical white-gang member types, may have been used as a chop shop. (There were bins of car parts out in heaps) or some form of car workshop, semi-active. Breathing mask recommended for entry, all three abandoned homes have a very serious mold problem.
view post •  2017-01-31 23:26:06
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Zenit-User Still surprised nobody has managed to get into here. I know a guy in milton who might be able to check sometime though, if he isn't busy. Hopefully someone's found a way in by now.
view post •  2015-12-16 16:06:33
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