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Nom nom nom

view post •  Oct 08 2012

Location Comments

The most amazing abandoned place of all time used to be directly across the street from here. I was 12 at the time when I went exploring it. Being 12...

view post •  Jan 27 2012

This is awesome. Love the old tv and furniture.

view post •  Oct 19 2011

I'm so checking this out!

view post •  Oct 12 2011

If you go again RC, be sure to check out the Arden Batik. Cute little place and great art work :) Also if you have the time, take a drive down Elm Tr...

view post •  Aug 12 2011

There was tons of childrens items clothes, toys etc, hence the name of the location. Gave out creepy vibes, didnt stay long. It was a great place to p...

view post •  May 12 2011