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Nomad Cool photo.
view post •  2013-04-07 21:38:03
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Nomad Wow, that looks like alot of stuff!
view post •  2013-04-04 20:06:28
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Nomad @ ground: it does look similar (same concept) but not the same.
view post •  2013-04-04 20:05:36
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Nomad Lol, someone took the lawnmower - it's gone.
view post •  2013-04-01 11:11:26
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Nomad Nice.
view post •  2013-04-01 07:17:47
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Location Discussions

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Nomad I was on another UE site last week and I think that it's 'phrenzee' who has photos of the house that once stood here (good pics too). Too bad the house was razed.
view post •  2013-04-05 17:21:08
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Nomad Nice pics, drunken, thanks for the share and maybe the Haldimand Hoarder has been found :)
view post •  2013-04-04 20:07:57
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Nomad I went and checked out this location this morning - nice site. A good find Monika. Minutes after I took my 1st shot a snow squall blew in and the temp went from +1 to about -12 in no time. Glad I went though :)
view post •  2013-04-01 12:21:45
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Nomad @ doom, et al: if the umbrella was black, then you can find it in the back room where the main POE is located. I found it the other day under all the debris by the washing machine.
view post •  2013-04-01 06:38:10
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Nomad I'm still wrapping up the history on this house and I have completed the family genealogy for the family (going back 4 generations) connected. House is currently owned by a lawyer in Toronto.
view post •  2013-04-01 06:36:42
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