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VWbill The oldest part of this hospital was built in 1952/53 and replaced a smaller General Hospital that dated back to the 1890's
view post •  2015-09-15 00:38:18
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VWbill The exterior of the building looks good.
view post •  2013-07-23 15:04:04
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VWbill North door
view post •  2013-07-23 15:00:03
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VWbill Look through the windows, you can see daylight and whats left of the roof.
view post •  2013-07-23 14:59:07
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VWbill South door
view post •  2013-07-23 14:56:55
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VWbill Summer 2017, The site has been sold to a local developer, demolition may start soon, I don't know what they will use maybe a wrecking ball. Since the site was abandoned break in's were regular by vandals and scrappers, several fires were also set, the police have made a lot of arrests. The interior of the main building is trashed, in fact the police and fire dept. said they would not enter the building unless it was a dire emergency.
view post •  2017-09-05 02:56:35
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VWbill Summer 2015, after the city of Sarnia backed out of a developers offer to buy the General site, Bluewater Health announced it would no longer pay for up keep and maintenance of the site and pulled the plug on it. They cut off the power and are no longer performing any maintenance, the site is now essentially abandoned. It is still locked and boarded up and posted no trespassing.
view post •  2015-09-15 00:52:04
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VWbill That sign may have nothing to do with the place, but I think it might.
view post •  2013-04-02 23:58:21
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VWbill This house stood on London line just west of Brigden side Rd. on the north side. An elderly couple lived here, they must have gone into a home or passed away, because the house was empty for several years and began falling apart. I was always going to take some photos myself but one day the house was just gone.
view post •  2013-03-25 17:36:49
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VWbill This house has been empty for a long time, I can't remember when it was last lived in. There used to be a lot of old cars and junk around it, for a long time there was an old White dump truck that sat out front front, it was there so long it became a land mark. There was a load of dirt in the dump box and after a while there were trees growing out of it. The town keeps creeping closer.
view post •  2013-03-12 01:46:12
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