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canadavey Nice mishmash floor. Must have run out of product half way through and what they started with was d
view post •  2013-01-18 18:41:23
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canadavey What the heck is with the noxious gas cloud?
view post •  2012-08-14 18:52:48
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canadavey Montreal on fire??
view post •  2012-08-07 17:57:24
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canadavey No more perimeter fence? I wanted to hit this place up a while ago but didn't feel like cutting fence wire.
view post •  2015-01-07 23:06:25
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canadavey This should be in Markham / Thornhill, not Richmond Hill. Nice find though, for the amount of times I've been down this road and never noticed the place.
view post •  2013-12-02 08:54:20
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canadavey Noticed this place a while ago... I stopped at the rear door as the look of the interior creeped me out. I thought for sure I would end up in the basement if I had stepped inside.
view post •  2013-11-07 20:20:56
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canadavey I'm thinking the wall caved in with a little assistance from some one. Perhaps the developers that own the land and can't do anything with it until this house is considered unsafe for habitat and restoration as it's protected on the heritage list of the city... Or maybe even the local rug rats contributed to the damage while they were running around spray painting the crap out of the place.
view post •  2013-10-10 21:28:29
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canadavey This place has been demolished to make way for yet another cookie-cutter subdivision. Shocking.
view post •  2013-03-04 20:28:29
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