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senorchang It's the only one that says "Joey" instead of "Girls", so he must've been REALLY forgetful ;)
view post •  2013-02-24 19:42:53
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senorchang Ty :)
view post •  2013-02-24 19:36:06
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senorchang great shot.
view post •  2013-02-24 17:57:30
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senorchang Oh oops! I'm not a full member (yet) so I had no way of knowing that there was already a location for this, thanks for letting me know!
view post •  2013-02-24 18:17:29
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senorchang As of Feb. 23rd this is under demolition, and there is no second floor.
view post •  2013-02-24 17:30:59
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senorchang I asked a neighboring house, and they made it clear that the church was not abandoned and was in use. Judging by the property, I'd trust their statement-however they could have just been trying to ward off trespassers. Either way, there's no POE. Cemetery was interesting though.
view post •  2013-02-24 16:45:17
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senorchang Someone's come along and given us an new POE for this house. There appears to be a squatter that's taken up residence here, so i'm guessing it was them. We talked to the owner of the house across the street, and he told us that this property once belonged to a famous boxer, 'Starvos' or something like that-although i can't find anything online to back up that claim.
view post •  2013-02-24 16:16:08
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