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IDUE Beautiful album!
view post •  2013-05-28 20:14:07
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IDUE This location has been completely levelled.
view post •  2013-11-25 13:56:34
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IDUE Screen has been torn down, the projector house is currently being used to store construction supplies and tools. Nothing to see, 2/10. Don't recommend.
view post •  2013-07-05 18:47:54
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IDUE Absolutely incredible. Plenty to see, and a very charming and secluded location. Definitely recommend.
view post •  2013-07-05 18:45:49
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IDUE When they were in the process of putting the grates up you could get in under the loading bay and into the basement window. They ripped up the loading bay and put a grate and plywood over the window. The grates are bolted to the wall and the bolts are welded to the grates. We grapple roped onto the low room at the back, but there's a grate over the hole in the roof. This place is sealed.
view post •  2013-04-27 14:34:23
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IDUE Went here last week, really love the point of entry! That's a fun one. Sneaky, too. I would go now before spring thaw or the basement might be a bit much. Even with respirators we found it rather unaccommodating. The dead raccoons don't help things much either. Definitely reccomend.
view post •  2013-02-02 12:51:56
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