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maxman Jessie, we have to cook!
view post •  2019-12-04 19:09:48
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maxman Looks like a Buick from the mid-late 90s.
view post •  2019-12-04 19:09:02
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maxman And I half expected it to say "DONT DEAD OPEN INSIDE"
view post •  2017-10-01 14:03:50
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maxman Bring a ladder.
view post •  2013-08-26 19:11:15
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maxman Looks more like Ray Romano. The idea he has an album scares me.
view post •  2013-08-24 22:57:04
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maxman This October it flipped over and moved closer to the falls in the high winds we''ve been having lately.
view post •  2019-12-04 04:31:00
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maxman Not far is the Sunbeam III, a yacht that was leased to the US Navy in World War I. It was returned to its owner after the war. In 1922, it ran aground on the Niagara River and broke up completely by 1938. The engine and power train is still visible in winter when they draw the most for power generation.
view post •  2017-11-11 20:20:39
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maxman Or offer to sign a waiver.
view post •  2017-05-08 18:14:41
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maxman When it was closed, the regiment moved to Winona (which is experiencing the same issues). Parks Canada doesn't want it developed because of old growth forest they don't want disturbed. It's also rumoured the range dates back to World War One and has unexploded ordnance, which would certainly liven up foundation digging.
view post •  2016-02-16 16:46:56
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maxman I asked on CGN and found quite a bit. The Americans indeed landed there in 1813 when they attacked Fort George. The buildings with the graffiti were the target storage sheds. It was closed because housing development started encroaching and the usual "guns are going off" complaints from local idiots showed up.
view post •  2016-02-16 16:43:33
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