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Location Discussions By lowkeyimagedesign

lowkeyimagedesign Getting caught here does not surprise me. This location and the surrounding buildings are under 24/7 video surveillance along with active security that patrols the premises they will not hesitate to call the police. please mark this fm.

view post •  Sep 10 2014

lowkeyimagedesign cool spot

view post •  Jul 17 2014

lowkeyimagedesign yup on its way down, east pavilion is gone, hospital is next then the 3 houses.

view post •  Jul 11 2014

lowkeyimagedesign fence is up, demolition is in full swing. this place is gone very soon.

view post •  Jul 11 2014

lowkeyimagedesign demolished.

view post •  May 25 2014

lowkeyimagedesign I added a gallery to location #9646 for this house

view post •  Mar 26 2014

lowkeyimagedesign nice little unknown spot. local kids hang out here all the time. we were here and three of kids were doing the same thing we were. its a "safe house" sort of speaking for them

view post •  Jan 30 2014

lowkeyimagedesign when I stopped by here I wasn't wearing proper foot wear. kickin myself for not back and going all the way through the house, skeleton key doors are always a favorite of mine. nice shots DM

view post •  Oct 13 2013

lowkeyimagedesign demolished

view post •  Sep 18 2013

lowkeyimagedesign demolished.

view post •  Sep 13 2013

lowkeyimagedesign Eastern pavilion has a basement

view post •  Sep 03 2013

lowkeyimagedesign Just drive by, this place is gone... Demolished recently

view post •  Apr 13 2013