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Photo Comments

Aw shucks oap :)

view post •  Apr 21 2013

I see he is still there :)

view post •  Apr 19 2013

COOL!!!!! :)

view post •  Jan 29 2013

So you never have to be alone, even on the john?

view post •  Jan 14 2013

Spooky, evocative

view post •  Jan 13 2013

Location Comments

You guys missed the secret stoner room on the roof, complete with hanging flashlight and deskchair. I didn't get any photos, but last time I went got...

view post •  Sep 26 2015

I forgot to get pics of the outside cuz I got too excited. Sorryyy :)

view post •  Apr 21 2013 no property buyers yet!

view post •  Mar 10 2013

I would also like in on this action :)

view post •  Feb 15 2013

I'll switch it. :) As for the coords, I can try harder, it's just that I only lived in Toronto for a month and used to pass by this place on my jogs;...

view post •  Jan 07 2013