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Photo Comments

this is an incredible picture!

view post •  Sep 04 2017

wow great shot!!!!!

view post •  Feb 12 2014

unbelievable! Its so hard to capture the coolness of this location on camera but this photo does a great job.

view post •  Sep 09 2013

I was on my way to when the pissed off farmer who owned the property drove up

view post •  Jul 26 2013

sweet pics very impressive you were actually able to get inside

view post •  Jul 22 2013

Location Comments


view post •  May 18 2019

wowww is this still here?? Anyone nearby able to update??

view post •  Sep 06 2018

Nice. lived on strathcona for a year and would walk by these every day

view post •  Aug 19 2018

Could only check out the train station unfortunately as the less explorer minded friend of mine had a smoke in the car. Very uncommon to see abandoned...

view post •  Oct 03 2017

wow can not believe this. truly one of the most gorgeous location in hamilton area

view post •  Apr 13 2017