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glueguy Every piece of furniture seems to have served as a shitter
view post •  2015-01-03 14:10:47
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glueguy Amazing that a real log building was actually under the siding. Too bad its coming down
view post •  2015-01-03 13:53:13
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glueguy LOL - I thought that meant laugh out loud?
view post •  2015-01-03 13:50:40
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glueguy Too close for comfort... I can't imagine how bad the constant snoring and farting would have been...
view post •  2015-01-03 13:48:20
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glueguy Here lies Gumby!
view post •  2014-07-10 15:12:43
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glueguy It's unfortunate that this fine building was demolished. I've been by that building many times and thought it was attractive, in fine shape and was glad to see it had been re-purposed.
view post •  2018-09-01 09:06:00
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glueguy Well said!
view post •  2014-09-07 03:40:19
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glueguy it's a shame. These are nice places. Drove by them often for years.
view post •  2014-08-14 11:58:53
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glueguy Nice find. Great stone building and old stove. Not many like that around.
view post •  2014-07-31 10:51:04
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glueguy I'm all for preserving old churches. I'm against tearing down any building that is of historic or architectural significance. I believe there should be legislation that automatically protects them. The difficulty with that thinking is structures that have a large open space inside (like a church) have limited secondary use. Although I'm sad to see it go I'm happy the facade survives.
view post •  2014-07-23 14:10:38
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