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profile of D Explore

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Photo Comments

Love the indoor/outdoor curtain. Very functional.

view post •  Oct 24 2014

love the faux stonework wallpaper

view post •  Apr 08 2013

Farmhouse on Hoth

view post •  Apr 08 2013


view post •  Apr 08 2013


view post •  Apr 04 2013

Location Comments

So sad. This was one of my favorite explores of all time.

view post •  Sep 29 2014


view post •  Sep 28 2014

I drive this road almost every weekend and am fairly certain that this place was demolished in 2013 and a new house already stands in its place. Will...

view post •  Jun 08 2014

Was in and out of the main floor and upstairs in less than 5 minutes only due to it being black mould city with not much of real interest however the...

view post •  Jun 08 2014

Pretty sure it has been flattened.

view post •  Jun 08 2014