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view post •  2013-03-30 12:15:30
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OnlyMe Ha ha... He was looking for a spot on the mortar where someone may have dug their initials or a date
view post •  2012-12-15 15:42:41
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OnlyMe There are a whole bunch of these home made kites around this area. We counted at least 5, each with
view post •  2012-12-05 20:06:50

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OnlyMe That's true. They keep these buildings buttoned up pretty tight downtown. I don't really like to go in to these buildings due to the possibility of running in to squatters. Not that there's hardly ever any way in. I'm glad I got to document it here though before it's demolished.
view post •  2013-12-16 22:26:03
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OnlyMe I wouldn't have added this location, but with Roblin's Garage being on OAP (also very much not abandoned) I thought these sorts of places are welcome.
view post •  2013-08-26 11:19:33
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OnlyMe Nice one! I guess we won't have to worry about people stealing priceless antiques from this location...
view post •  2013-04-01 23:55:26
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OnlyMe I was there today and there is absolutely no way in. They've used 20+ screws per board at each entrance and even sealed the cracks around the boards with caulking. Plenty of City of Toronto trucks around and no one bothered to chase us away.
view post •  2013-03-26 22:45:35
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OnlyMe I found some info on this house, it's the Richard Tarr House, built in 1894 and sold out of the Tarr family in 1919.
view post •  2013-01-19 23:15:59