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Photo Comments

this is a fantastic shot!

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agreed! awesome reflections

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this is awesome, the bill as well as the weathered look

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that is wild! never seen them on a wall before

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Location Comments

skye did have this one at one time. I live close to here and the house was rented to young families up until a year or so ago. As far as rumour mills,...

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the other car are the squatter that live there. No joke, they are quite "famous" in Arthur as people cannot believe they sleep in that house. on th...

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wow f.o.s., I was hoping to go back and shoot inside, ya snooze ya lose I guess! thanks for the update

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To confirm if anyone else is looking, I was here on Friday Nov 16 and it still stands.

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can anyone confirm if this place is indeed gone? I was thinking of shooting it on Friday since I will be in the area.

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