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Photo Comments

Wow is right.

view post •  Aug 03 2015

Very cool!!!

view post •  Jun 10 2015


view post •  Jun 10 2015

Nice gallery Kiwi.

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view post •  Jun 07 2015

Location Comments

Looks like destroying the home wasn't enough. I couldn't get close enough with the roads blocked, but from where the smoke is, it looks like the barn...

view post •  Oct 10 2015

Demolished, was a beautiful home.

view post •  Oct 09 2015

Arseholes. House was on fire yesterday, no explanation yet, but I assume arson. I haven't been by there yet but I've been told the roof is destroyed...

view post •  Sep 28 2015

Nice find.

view post •  Sep 24 2015

Nice location.

view post •  Jul 12 2015