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Kait_O Wish the city would be open to letting people inside, I understand the dangers, but I will never understand how they can not see the beauty they are sealing up.
view post •  2013-06-25 22:26:46
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Kait_O Anyone have a good POE? I am going there tomorrow and don't want to waste too much time looking around.
view post •  2012-11-08 14:55:06
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Kait_O This is no longer The Don Valley Brickworks is now Evergreen's a farmers market and they sell plants... Disappointing!
view post •  2012-10-10 13:20:02
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Kait_O Any chance someone would be willing to privately message me and let me know how to get inside? I have been there before to take pictures, and could not find a point of entry.
view post •  2012-10-10 13:17:15
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