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Photo Comments

Cool! Montreal is the best for street art

view post •  Jan 20 2017

That's a wicked piece!

view post •  Jan 20 2017

I can't remember.. But there were windows inside! I'm not sure if I knew how to light paint at the time or not..

view post •  Jan 25 2015

Oui monsieur!

view post •  Jan 19 2015

Most of the lofts belonged to 'artists', so I don't doubt it!

view post •  Jan 19 2015

Location Comments


view post •  Mar 15 2020

New subdivisions have been put in its place

view post •  May 10 2017

Location has been demo'd

view post •  Jan 22 2017

This place is still standing, completely gutted inside though. :(

view post •  May 11 2015

This place has been demolished. :(

view post •  May 01 2015