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cbrianneb is this door at the back of the mill? I went out there before but could not find the entry point. I
view post •  2012-09-07 11:24:21
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cbrianneb I'm not to sure on what happened to the animals...And yes, the fall colors here are beautiful!
view post •  2014-09-25 16:14:47
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cbrianneb :) It's still here, I'm glad
view post •  2012-10-16 09:11:22
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cbrianneb Yes, it could be
view post •  2012-10-10 09:06:05
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cbrianneb I would have loved to go shoot this location, but you didn't add an address...... where is this located?
view post •  2012-10-09 15:26:37
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cbrianneb SatansKitty, I've passed these two houses so many times and have wanted to stop by and take some photographys, where did you park? there is an abandoned house right next to it further back a bit. did you just park in the driveway?
view post •  2012-09-07 11:22:30
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