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Brenda very nice
view post •  2012-10-01 15:56:39
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Brenda omg im in love lol
view post •  2012-10-01 15:56:28
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Brenda garage attached to the house
view post •  2012-10-01 15:53:13
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Brenda yw finz
view post •  2012-10-03 23:38:25
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Brenda i have driven by this house for awhile to make sure it was abandoned and it had no one been there so my son and i went in the house we didnt go upstairs but plan on returning to take pics of the upstairs as well
view post •  2012-10-01 15:51:57
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Brenda can you see it from the road
view post •  2012-08-19 01:14:32
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