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Photo Comments

This is awesome!

view post •  Jul 18 2013

I agree! sooo nice.

view post •  Jul 03 2013


view post •  Jun 10 2013

e from the site which was really cool.

view post •  Jun 04 2013

Mine is written so small haha. I didnt want to go over others, we did see a lot of names from peopl

view post •  Jun 04 2013

Location Comments

the house still stands in this condition, I drive past it a lot as well. Wonder if there is entry now?

view post •  Sep 01 2017

It also appears to be open now. Was boarded up for a while.

view post •  Mar 28 2017

Glad you enjoyed it. I love taking our dog for a walk here, great trail to walk.

view post •  Oct 05 2016

It's been demolished....drove by it last week.

view post •  Feb 03 2015

Five Star Ranch still exists but moved from this location to another, thats where I usually go riding now. They moved to a smaller property.

view post •  Sep 24 2013