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Photo Comments

Yup ... wish I came here earlier :-(

view post •  Dec 12 2013

Thanks :-)

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view post •  Apr 22 2013

LOLOL ... you are the first one to notice! :-) Rumor has it that this plant built Spitfires for t

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Location Comments

Just came back 30 mins ago and was approach by two cops. They warned me that I could not be in the buildings but was OK being on the paved walkway.

view post •  May 21 2016

Front door wide open with several POE on sides and back. Nothing much to see to be honest.

view post •  Jun 15 2015

Hey! Was just there but I didn't go inside because it rained yesterday! Love the graffiti though! I'll go back in a few days if it doesn't rain! :-) T...

view post •  Jun 13 2015

Holy shit! Holy shit! Hold me back! Hold me back! This place is awesome!!!

view post •  Nov 13 2013

After our explore we went to check out the sales office and inquired about the prices with cameras around our necks. We even said "Good day Sir" to th...

view post •  Nov 04 2013