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ScottF Looks like this place used to be a grow op. I always feel nervous about this stuff.
view post •  2015-05-21 13:56:52
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ScottF That wasn't there last time...
view post •  2014-09-16 22:36:14
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ScottF Yea I just parked right out front. Nobody really seemed to mind.
view post •  2013-08-01 23:07:06
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ScottF That's awesome! Now if we only knew what was/is inside it.
view post •  2013-08-01 00:43:09
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ScottF Very unfortunate that this happened. Place was burnt down this morning.
view post •  2018-06-18 23:31:18
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ScottF I was interested in going to this place. But its looks like the place has been renovated with people living there, according to google street view. Glad to see it has been fixed up, and hopefully got the paranormal activity out.
view post •  2016-07-02 16:05:59
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ScottF Sounds like an awesome place. Might have to check it out myself!
view post •  2015-06-04 13:41:27
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ScottF Wow, what an amazing house. Excellent shape. Not so much the barn though...
view post •  2015-05-03 22:20:44
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ScottF Talked to a former police officer on a case with this. They only demolished it because vandals set fire to it. It was far to damaged and dangerous to leave it standing. There was a piece of glass she had from the fire that seemd to have melted and curled because the fire was so hot.
view post •  2014-09-12 11:05:59
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