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Photo Comments

That wasn't there last time...

view post •  Sep 16 2014

Yea I just parked right out front. Nobody really seemed to mind.

view post •  Aug 01 2013

That's awesome! Now if we only knew what was/is inside it.

view post •  Aug 01 2013

Location Comments

Very unfortunate that this happened. Place was burnt down this morning.

view post •  Jun 18 2018

Talked to a former police officer on a case with this. They only demolished it because vandals set fire to it. It was far to damaged and dangerous to...

view post •  Sep 12 2014

This place was probably one of the most challenging to get inside, also probably one of the most dangerous. No wonder this place is so packed with sec...

view post •  Aug 01 2014

Demolition in progress as of 6/15/2014

view post •  Jun 15 2014

Fixed it, didn't think it would be a good idea since I'm not a FM.

view post •  Jun 05 2014