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densing Looks like it has potential to be a good location. Anyone have a more recent status/photos though?
view post •  2013-01-07 22:20:55
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densing This place looks very promising! Any more photos? Was it was recent trip?
view post •  2012-12-10 21:10:51
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densing Anyone know if there's a way in? Planning on making a venture this weekend.
view post •  2012-12-02 18:59:00
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densing I know when I was here in April security was ridiculous, it would've been impossible to get in. There were lots of trucks coming and going, a guard patrolling the building and one at the main entrance. He told us a story of how someone was running from the cops a few years ago in the building, fell and broke rips, punctured a lung, etc. Someone else also died falling 9 flights down.
view post •  2012-06-03 13:22:36
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densing Really great house! Tons of furniture inside, and absolutely stunning architecture and decor. Great doors and layout. Definitely check it out.
view post •  2012-05-21 13:42:49
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