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fireweb13 Did a quick google search on this. Pretty cool
view post •  2014-05-13 14:43:33
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fireweb13 Just went by yesterday and its all gone now.
view post •  2013-05-28 11:47:29
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fireweb13 Very good friends of mine lived here. I believe it was abandoned around 1999 due to an extreme amount of mold in the house. We went in about a year after but that was it. I do not believe any homicides happened here, and if it did it was after it was abandoned for some time.
view post •  2013-01-21 10:28:00
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fireweb13 Was in here before the fire. Not much inside, gained entry through the rear sliding door. Was a little nervous as the house next door is very close so I did not want to cause a disruption.
view post •  2012-06-21 14:31:16
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