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alp002 That's a Royal Flush!
view post •  2013-09-30 20:06:29
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alp002 Yep, long driveway. one plex is still not accessible but the place is a teardown now.
view post •  2018-03-11 19:30:22
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alp002 Was there around Christmas, - 26C. Been eyeballin it for quite a while while cycling the path. Recent abandonment! maybe due to the giant subdivision that appears to be on the schedule?
view post •  2018-03-02 11:02:50
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alp002 The Move was a ginormous real estate move by the church. A major player in the real estate world!! The new location is in holland landing. See the attached articles. Some properties can not be sold due to the historic value of the the church building. Are there alternate options???
view post •  2014-04-17 09:56:54
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