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Photo Comments

Great times...

view post •  Apr 17 2013

This is Bolton.

view post •  Apr 17 2013

These folks are from the Town Of Oakville Parks And Rec Daycamp staff around '75. I remember quite

view post •  Apr 17 2013

Location Comments

I love the framing and light on these. Perfect day.

view post •  May 06 2013

Another outstanding tribute. Well done superss.

view post •  Apr 08 2013


view post •  Mar 03 2013

I took my kids there a couple of times (at their request). I had forgotten all about it. Thanks superss for the jog. BTW, you are finding som...

view post •  Jan 30 2013

It looks great to me. I should have gone further down the road. Nice set superss.

view post •  Jan 23 2013