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codi_7 thank you. I didn't realize till after I took the shot, I thought it was a squirrel
view post •  2014-09-30 19:57:53
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codi_7 A person. my guess is the he had his camera set on high exposure, and who ever was with him step int
view post •  2012-11-08 16:42:15
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codi_7 Status update, building still stands, recently the first two floors have been boarded up, it appears that there will be another attempt at renovations.
view post •  2018-05-20 19:51:30
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codi_7 yea the TSA is cool like that, we had to cut our trip short because of them, no one was arrested but a car was towed. and we didn't even make it into the buildings.
view post •  2014-10-01 11:44:23
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codi_7 agreed on the FM notion, as well maybe more accurate coords. i don't see anything in the area that looks like this on google maps.
view post •  2013-01-07 12:33:33
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codi_7 very odd area for this to be in, i know the area fairly well and would have never guessed there to be a shack out there.
view post •  2012-12-20 14:25:40
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codi_7 R&RF, is this from your first visit and just readding the orginal visit. a recent explore?
view post •  2012-11-08 16:48:40
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