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anyone know what they're doing with the property now?

view post •  Apr 02 2013  • 0 like(s)

does anyone know if the fire was set by someone or if it just happened without any human interference ?

view post •  Sep 15 2012  • 0 like(s)

looks like it burnt down, does anyone have nay information on how/why it burned down?

view post •  Sep 14 2012  • 0 like(s)

I saw some renovation or construction trucks/vans there before. if I get the time and they're still there, I'll take a picture of it. I'll keep an ey...

view post •  Jun 02 2011  • 0 like(s)

nice ruins, looks similar to some ruins we used to go to back in Trenton

view post •  May 28 2011  • 0 like(s)