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view post •  Sep 15 2014


view post •  Sep 09 2014

Nice work!

view post •  Jul 29 2014

Nice effort...glad to see someone going for itn too bad u got nabbed. Did you get to the morgue in the basement?

view post •  Jul 23 2014


view post •  Jul 23 2014

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My weakest gallery ever! I decided to keep my P&S in my car for when I pass an abandonment on my way top or from somewhere. I spotted this on my was...

view post •  Sep 12 2014

Nice Work LowKey. I have been researching and scouting the vacant hospitals in St Catharines for a while nothing is impossible, these hospitals are t...

view post •  Sep 11 2014

Thats extremely sad to hear. I certainly hope it was moved by owners.

view post •  Sep 08 2014

why the hidden coordinates? It's just a bunch of wood!

view post •  Jul 22 2014

Nice find man, thanks for sharing

view post •  Jul 14 2014