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don Great place :) visited an hour ago. Guess you didn't venture out the back. I found a very interesting ruin there with a massive fireplace, possibly a grave of some type, and an awesome pond. Would upload the pics if my phone wasn't so picky. Oh, there is another house north of this, still active, for now anyways...
view post •  2012-09-07 11:32:55
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don Can't remember which one of us did it, but either me or Canadavey posted this place already. I think Davey did.
view post •  2012-09-05 12:06:47
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don Where abouts in Aurora is this? From the angle I see the road, it looks unfamiliar
view post •  2012-08-30 05:42:45
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don That was a serious issue with most 50's cars. In an accident, the driver would usually be hurled at the steering wheel, the inner metal frame would bend, and you'd end up taking the column in the chest. Or, like an old teacher of mine, have your head go thru the windshield (which somehow she survived).
view post •  2012-08-27 05:42:03
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don I walked thru here yesterday. Last time I was thru here woulda been 14 plus years ago, but walking thru here know I can still remember the positioning of most of the miniature village. It's a sad ruin of its former glory.
view post •  2012-08-26 10:23:28