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Evman Glad to see there's still plenty left of this place, I thought it was gone.
view post •  2013-11-07 22:06:57
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Evman Why is there never boobs when I go there? :(
view post •  2013-10-26 19:40:15
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Evman The DJ of MTV Live would "spin" in the left corner there.
view post •  2013-09-10 17:24:25
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Evman Looks better during the day.
view post •  2013-09-10 17:18:30
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Evman ...building, I guess it's just used infrequently or something.
view post •  2013-07-23 21:44:25
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Evman CAUTION: There was a fire (probably arson) on the property a few days ago. I would strongly advise against going near this place for a while.
view post •  2014-06-11 21:41:06
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Evman This is funny, the house has an intercom system with radio and the radio was on today. Someone just left it blasting through every speaker, and there's one in every room almost. Very strange.
view post •  2014-05-29 23:22:30
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Evman Tried to get in but every door is locked. Guess you just need to get lucky.
view post •  2014-05-20 15:03:14
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Evman Couple words of caution: There are photos of things left in this house taken in February that are not there anymore now at the end of March. This means things are still being moved out, and as of now there's a couple lamps left so you can be sure they're coming for them.
view post •  2014-03-31 17:30:11
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Evman The house doesn't look too exciting. It might be neat to get into the garage thing next to it though.
view post •  2013-12-09 23:10:12
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