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Photo Comments

I like what you did there.

view post •  Sep 30 2014

Very nice!

view post •  Sep 27 2014


view post •  Sep 17 2014

It looks grumpy.

view post •  Sep 17 2014

Thank you everybody. I really appreciate it.

view post •  Sep 16 2014

Location Comments

Looks like some jerk lit the donations on fire. The propane pump was just about the only damage.

view post •  Aug 23 2014

Wicked find dude!

view post •  Aug 21 2014

This place is really trashed now. All the nice glass walls are smashed and the bar area is smashed up. :(

view post •  Aug 19 2014

Oh my god! It has EVERYTHING! This is the best thing I have ever seen. O_0 I ship my paints!

view post •  Jul 27 2014

Cool spot. I gotta check this out.

view post •  Jul 06 2014