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kking In the pile of rubble that remains of this house I found the paw of this dog.
view post •  2014-05-13 19:42:38
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kking i like this shot!
view post •  2013-06-14 22:48:06
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kking what is in the bags, looks nasty
view post •  2013-06-11 23:01:29
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kking is/was that a dog?
view post •  2013-06-11 22:58:11
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kking gorgeous!
view post •  2013-06-01 21:13:56
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kking This property is now demolished :( Broke my heart to see it gone.
view post •  2015-03-30 11:25:47
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kking Went there yesterday and everything has been demolished. Forgot to grab a picture...was too upset I missed getting back in there :(
view post •  2014-05-13 19:40:53
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kking I have seen people there off and on over the past few years working on the house. I used to see people there every day a few years ago.
view post •  2014-03-05 12:59:52
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kking lol you crack me up axf
view post •  2013-06-11 23:07:31
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kking What an awesome place. Great find and fantastic shots!
view post •  2013-06-01 21:09:02
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