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teeko A different kind of porn.
view post •  2014-09-14 07:51:05
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teeko Crappy shot gs
view post •  2014-08-18 09:10:11
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teeko That's one big ass typewriter.
view post •  2014-06-13 17:44:05
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teeko Is that a rug or a grate for an air duct?
view post •  2014-01-27 09:21:06
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teeko Somehow, I don't think that fire extinguisher would help if the forge got out of control.
view post •  2014-01-09 15:57:35
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teeko No shot from the end of the conveyor looking toward shore?
view post •  2014-08-18 08:53:03
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teeko Great job guys. This place was on my list of places to see.
view post •  2014-08-18 08:50:18
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teeko Great find, you two. I can't believe this has eluded me in my own backyard for so long. Keep them coming.
view post •  2014-07-31 18:29:34
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teeko There are motion sensors on the property and it IS monitored by Harp security. If you do get inside, DO NOT open the fridge, unless you want to revisit your last meal.
view post •  2014-04-17 14:57:10
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teeko Gotcha
view post •  2014-03-18 14:53:30
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