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profile of SaintSi1999

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Photo Comments

Wow, That's awesome. It looks like that old farmhouse over around the bend has been abandoned for a

view post •  Apr 12 2013

Dude, that's like totally awesome!

view post •  Feb 24 2013

Thats an awesome old dumping area! Any good finds?

view post •  Feb 22 2013

Oh that poor orang crush bottle. Looks like that ones from the 1960's. :(

view post •  Oct 06 2012

Location Comments

That's awesome! I wasn't too sure about the upstairs, I didn't ant to take any chances. I'm going back there this weekend probably, I'll have to look....

view post •  Apr 12 2013

Thats totally awesome! Ive got some bottles that were made by consumers glass company from the 1880's to the 1960's.

view post •  Feb 22 2013

So it has been abandoned since 1961?

view post •  Sep 04 2012

Now that us some thick snow!

view post •  Jul 28 2012

Who would have the heart to tear this place down?? WHO.

view post •  Jul 27 2012