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Adriana haha nice! This is SO close to my parents house.
view post •  2012-07-05 08:15:57
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Adriana Isn't that like quite a few of houses on this site? :) lol
view post •  2012-07-04 09:50:59
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Adriana We went here to explore today, got up the driveway, and noticed a white pick up moving in the grass around the back where the garage is. We turned around and got out there. As we were driving down the road and looked back, we saw that a trailer was hitched on the back of the truck. Not sure if it's the owners clearing out....or someone else there clearing out, stealing!
view post •  2012-07-02 13:36:00
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Adriana haha! meaning today? :P cool! look forward to seeing pics
view post •  2012-06-28 12:32:23
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Adriana @ rnr- I thought you did too! Maybe there was a little crash with the server and some things were lost.
view post •  2012-06-28 12:25:33
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