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rnagle Unfortunately the motel seems to have become a "hub" for vandalism, office and house still locked, all rooms appear to be open and all exhibit damage to a greater or lesser degree.
view post •  2012-06-25 17:45:04
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rnagle Nice series mike6639, always like seeing another photographer's "take" on a site. Both this and the wood house a little further south are on land that is still actively farmed.
view post •  2012-05-25 17:23:21
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rnagle To quote Homer Simpson: "Doh!" I was so pleased I recognized 727 spotting features I didn't notice the sign! Agreed it was best not to enter the plane, I'm sure it was very tempting.
view post •  2012-04-29 18:35:47
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rnagle Stopped for photos of the "crazy building", it's actually a long abandoned railway car which began life as a boxcar and was converted for work train service (often done by railways with obsolete equipment), it is visible from Thorburn Rd located on the site of former CN railway yard at Uthoff Quarry. The quarry itself is still active although railway operations ceased in the early 1990's.
view post •  2012-04-29 17:24:53
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rnagle I'm pleased to see you didn't give up after the first 100 yards! Really like the aircraft photos, it's a Boeing 727. Spotting features are the built in access stair and mounting point for tail mounted engine - round hole at very back of fuselage.
view post •  2012-04-29 06:46:01
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