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cook9922 I was just there, and I must say that the mold is off the scales! It was too much for my particle mask, I could smell it through the mask. The basement is by far the worst for that, I could barely breath, thus, I do not recommend going here without a respirator (or greater) when it's above freezing.
view post •  2012-07-19 20:40:44
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cook9922 The is a farmhouse a bit further East of this house, from there you can walk along the farm trail to this house without having to go over the creek. If you do get in, I would advise to be very careful if you go upstairs, as there is a family of turkey vultures living in the attic, and they do not like having company
view post •  2012-07-19 12:48:26
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cook9922 it is a very nice house, the outer layers of wood that make up the house is very rotten, thus the plywood used to board up the house didn't hold very well. There is a stove behind the door, with very sharp edges, I ripped my favourite pants getting by that thing.
view post •  2012-07-19 00:25:33
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